Telling About Experiences

Some expressions below are usually in a job interview:

  1. Do you have any experience?
  2. Let’s talk about your educational background.
  3. Tell me about yourself.
  4. Tell me about your strengths and weaknesess.
  5. Where did you get the information?
  6. How much salary are you looking for?
  7. Why are you interested in this job?
  8. Are you willing to move to our branch office?

Asking about someone’s job description:


  1. I would like to know what you do.
  2. What are you responsibilities?
  3. What are your duties?


  1. Could you tell me what your responsibilities are?
  2. Could you tell me what your duties are?
  3. Would you please tell me what your tasks are?

Below are some examples of a person’s job description.

  1. A secretary is responsible for receiving phone call, typing letter, filling documents, arranging mettings, and other duties.
  2. A public relation’s person has a duty to build a good relationship with other companies and calleagues.

Asking about someone’s educational background:

  1. Can you tell me someone’s where you graduated from?
  2. Where did you graduated from?
  3. I would like to know where your studied.
  4. What major did you take there?
  5. Could you tell me about your major?

Below are some examples of talking about your educational background.

  1. I graduated from the School of Foreign Languages
  2. My major were tourism and English
  3. I majored in management.